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An Innocent Abroad: Joan Didion’s Midlife Crisis Novelist, short story writer, critic and retired English professor Scott Bradfield grew up in California but had difficulty “[l]earning how to write fictions set in California”: California is filled with so many vivid pleasures, smells, textures, and absurdities of human character that it feels difficult, or even impossible, […]

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On Novels and Novelists

On Novels and Novelists

14 Women Writers Who Dominate The Universe Of Sci-Fi For decades men dominated the world of science fiction. But, Maddie Crum reports, the tables have turned. Read why she things these women authors now dominate the field: L. Timmel Duchamp Emily St. John Mandel Octavia Butler Madeleine L’Engle Nnedi Okorafor Jo Walton Hiromi Goto Karen

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