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What Notes in the Margin Will Be Up to This Year

Instead of laying out an elaborate reading and blogging plan for 2024, I’m going to tell you what I’ll be focusing on.  It seems that, at the end of every year, I look back on whatever reading and writing goals I had set at the beginning of the year and document, in excruciating detail, how […]

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A stack of three closed books. Next to them lies an open notebook and a pen. Title: 15 years of blogging with WordPress.

15 Years of Blogging with WordPress!

Look what I found in my WordPress notifications today! I did not remember exactly when I switched Notes in the Margin to WordPress, so I was glad of the reminder. The site has been self-hosted on Dreamhost since 1999, and existed elsewhere for a couple of years before that. Notes in the Margin has been

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The Barrage is Finally Over!

I just published the final two index pages, and shouldn’t be hitting you up with all those notifications any more. Even if there are errors that will need to be corrected, I don’t think you’ll get notices for them.  Thank you for your patience. I ended up only adding about 45 new reviews, though it

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I’m About to Unleash a Blogging Barrage

I appreciate all of you who follow Notes in the Margin, so I wanted to give you a heads-up: I’m about to unleash a blogging barrage. When my blog broke back in 2018, I was able to copy the text of all my old posts and dump it into a text file. After my hosting

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Why I Blog

Looking over some blogging resources recently reminded me that the first question would-be bloggers are encouraged to consider is why they blog. But as soon as I started to dismiss this directive as so obvious as to not merit consideration, I realized that, although I’ve certainly answered this question in my own mind, I’ve never

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Last Week's Links

Literary Links

Here’s an abbreviated version of Literary Links for the holiday weekend. The Joy of Writing by Hand Writer Nicholas Russell says, “During quarantine, drowning in screen time and desperate for any reminder that I had a physical form, I took up writing by hand once again. This time, it was less about keeping up correspondences

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stack of books and open notebook. Label: Quotation

Quotation from Anne Rice’s Final Interview

“When I’m not at my computer I’m reading almost constantly in my recliner with a gooseneck lamp angled over my shoulder. I’m a diligent underliner and I take notes in the margins almost constantly. This is as true with the books I read for research as it is for the fiction I savor and enjoy

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stack of 3 books next to open notebook and pen; title: Notes in the Margin Is Back!

We’re Back!

Related Post: What the Heck Is Going On? And just like that, the same way the glitch mysteriously appeared, it has mysteriously disappeared. Notes in the Margin uses the Astra theme, which is free, through WordPress, plus the Astra Pro plugin, a paid upgrade that offers lots of customization possibilities. Since I discovered the problem

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Photo of interior building site, with tools and building material scattered all over.

What the Heck Is Going On?

Update Please read this follow-up post: We’re Back! I really don’t know. One day I had a beautiful website, and when I looked again a couple of days later, I found this: I’m using the Astra Pro theme on WordPress. The Astra support people are working with me to figure out what happened here, but

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stack of books with text: Notes in the Margin is Under Renovation

Please Pardon the Dust

There’s been a lot going on around here, most of it behind the scenes until now. But I have finally, as Lady Macbeth would say, screwed my courage and taken the big step. I installed a new WordPress theme. Back when WordPress introduced the Gutenberg editor, now usually called the block editor, I started using

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