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Here’s an abbreviated version of Literary Links for the holiday weekend.

The Joy of Writing by Hand

Writer Nicholas Russell says, “During quarantine, drowning in screen time and desperate for any reminder that I had a physical form, I took up writing by hand once again. This time, it was less about keeping up correspondences and more about finding reasons not to use my phone, where most of my thoughts and ideas go to die.”

Read about the benefits of writing by hand that he discovered.


Most of what I’ve seen recently about fighting censorship in schools and libraries is aimed at adults. Here PEN America offers some advice to students. There’s even a downloadable PDF.

‘Autopsy’: Lockdown inspired Patricia Cornwell to bring back Kay Scarpetta

I stopped reading Patricia Cornwell’s books a long time ago. But a recent interest in the emergence of fiction set during the COVID-19 pandemic lead me to this article.

This Test Will Tell You How Many Books You Can Read in a Year

More important than simply setting goals is setting realistic goals, goals that you actually have a shot at fulfilling. So if, at the beginning of a new year, you like to set an annual reading goal for yourself, take a look at the article. It might help you determine what a reasonable reading goal for you might be.

A Year in Marginalia: Sam Anderson

Sam Anderson’s “A Year in Reading” entry for The Millions in 2010. 

Since marginalia is Latin for “things in the margins,” this presented itself as a fitting ending for Literary Links this year.

See you next year!

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  1. Oh wow, this is a nice list. I’m particularly interested in the writing by hand one and how many books I can read in a year. Welp, looks like I better get on with reading. Thanks for this post!

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