I’m About to Unleash a Blogging Barrage

I appreciate all of you who follow Notes in the Margin, so I wanted to give you a heads-up: I’m about to unleash a blogging barrage.

When my blog broke back in 2018, I was able to copy the text of all my old posts and dump it into a text file. After my hosting service set up my new site, I republished all my fiction posts as quickly as I could. I then intended to do the same with the nonfiction posts, as soon as I could get around to it.

Over the past weekend, I finally got around to it. After editing and reformatting the old Nonfiction Notes, I’m now ready to hit my WordPress dashboard and begin republishing them. I’m not sure exactly how many posts this will involve. Maybe 75? Maybe 100?

However many there are, please know that I do not expect you to read each of them as it appears. In fact, if you’d prefer to unfollow me for the next couple of days to avoid all those alerts, I’ll understand (although I sincerely hope you’ll come back afterwards). I will be putting everything else aside to plow through this republishing task, and I won’t be adding any current new content to Notes in the Margin until all the old stuff is back up.

Thanks for your understanding, and I’ll see you on the other side.

© 2022 by Mary Daniels Brown

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