stack of 3 books next to open notebook and pen; title: Notes in the Margin Is Back!

We’re Back!

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And just like that, the same way the glitch mysteriously appeared, it has mysteriously disappeared.

Notes in the Margin uses the Astra theme, which is free, through WordPress, plus the Astra Pro plugin, a paid upgrade that offers lots of customization possibilities. Since I discovered the problem with the blog, I have been working with the Brainstorm Force (the company behind Astra) support team. They have been stellar by providing information in a way that even a non-techy person like me could understand and in following up afterwards. 

Notes in the Margin has been hosted by Dreamhost since 1999. A couple of years ago I upgraded to the DreamPress hosting package, which focuses on WordPress sites. Although I worked mostly with the Brainstorm Force support people for the recent problem, I also needed help a couple of times from the Dreamhost support team, and they came through promptly and cheerfully.

I highly recommend both of these companies. I have no affiliation with either company other than being a satisfied customer.

Thank you for your understanding during what has been a high-anxiety week for me.

© 2021 by Mary Daniels Brown

3 thoughts on “We’re Back!”

    1. Mary Daniels Brown

      Thanks, Liz. I’ve lost a lot of sleep over the past week, so I’m also glad it’s back to the way it is intended to be.

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