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What Is Short Story Month and Why Is It in May?

Carolina Ciucci digs into the origin and history of Short Story Month, with some reading suggestions and links to information about the short story as a literary form.

Categories: Literary History, Writing

As the Supreme Court Weighs Roe vs. Wade, These Novels Offer Perspective

“Fiction that grapples with abortion, fertility, motherhood and reproductive rights illuminates the debate from different viewpoints.”

A selection of 10 novels, published between 1965 and 2022.

Categories: Fiction, Literature & Psychology, Life Stories in Literature

These are books school systems don’t want you to read, and why

As calls for censorship in schools across the United States continue to mount, Laura Meckler and Perry Stein look at some the books most frequently condemned, including Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe and To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, and the complaints against them.

Category: Censorship 

Don Winslow: The Complicated Ethics of Writing Violence in Fiction

Prolific best-selling crime-fiction Don Winslow tackles the moral question of how to present violence in fiction “with some sense of morality.”

Categories: Writing, Publishing

Our Obsession with Ancestry Has Some Twisted Roots

“From origin stories to blood-purity statutes, we have long enlisted genealogy to serve our own purposes.”

In The New Yorker Maya Jasanoff examines how the stories of family lineage have often been used as “instruments of exclusion” in the service of power.

Categories: Literature & Psychology, Life Stories in Literature

26 Books That Readers Say Everyone Should Read Once In Their Lives

Take what you will from this list presented by BuzzFeed and sourced on Reddit.

Category: Book Recommondations

Once more with feeling: why time loop stories keep coming back

“From Groundhog Day to Russian Doll, fiction in which characters replay their lives have great appeal – especially now, when a slew of time-travel novels are set to be released”

In the Guardian Gillian McAllister discusses why time loop stories have such appeal. Examples of these stories include the film Groundhog Day, the television series Russian Doll, and the novels Life After Life by Kate Atkinson, The 7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton, and Before I Go to Sleep by S.J. Watson.

Categories: Fiction, Film, Life Stories in Literature, Literature & Psychology, Television

The Powerful, Complex Partnership Between Publishers and Libraries

Publishers Weekly explains the relationship between publishers and libraries: “Because libraries are not only an enormous market for publishers, they marshal hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars every year in support of literacy and reading.”

Categories: Libraries, Publishing, Reading

What do you do with books you don’t want any more?

Because I bought most of the books I wanted to read during the pandemic, I now face this problem. Comedian James Colley considers the question of what to do with all the books he no longer wants to keep.

Category: Reading

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