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Best Books Lists II

Related Post: Best Books Lists I Whether you’re celebrating the shortest (in the northern hemisphere) or the longest (southern hemisphere) day of the year, here’s the final installment of lists rounding up the best books of 2021. Goodreads Choice Awards: Best Books of 2021 This is the landing page for the Goodreads Choice Awards, chosen […]

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What Books Have Given You a “Book Hangover”?

Recently I came across the article “The Psychology of a Book Hangover” by Clare Barnett, who describes a book hangover this way: A “book hangover” is the slangy shortcut for the feeling when a reader finishes a book—usually fiction—and they can’t stop thinking about the fictional world that has run out of pages. The story

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Daphne du Maurier Reading Week

It’s Daphne du Maurier Reading Week, hosted by HeavenAli over on her blog. Since I’d been wanting to read more works by Daphne du Maurier anyway—and had even bought the books—I knew I wanted to participate in this when I saw the announcement on her blog. I have to admit that my planning didn’t work

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“An Anonymous Girl” by Green Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen

Hendricks, Greer & Sarah Pekkanen. An Anonymous GirlSt. Martin’s Press, 2018ISBN 978-1-250-13373-1 Recommended Jessica Farris, age 28, works as a freelance make-up specialist, lugging her product cases all over Manhattan and barely earning enough to get by. On a typical Friday night Jessica overhears Taylor, one of her college-student clients, tell her roommate that she

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Books I Read in January

Watership Down by Richard Adams Adams, Richard. Watership Down© 1972rpt. Avon, 1975ISBN 0-38000293-0 If you liked The Lord of the Rings, you’ll probably like this book. Replace Hobbits with rabbits, and you’ve got an archtypical heroic quest. Forced by the encroachment of people into their warren of Sandleford in England, a small band of rabbits

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5 Irresistible Introductions in Fiction

Tips for Writers and Readers Last night I dreamed I went to Manderley again. —Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier Read that sentence, one of the most famous first sentences in literature, aloud. Notice its cadence. The rhythm lulls you toward sleepiness—appropriate for a dream. And the rest of the book hinges on that final word,

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My Recent Browsing History

Here are some of the recent articles that have caught my eye. Is the human brain hardwired to appreciate poetry? George Saunders: what writers really do when they write Storyhealing Literature can enthuse medicine, and medicine can inspire literature. They are complementary treatments for being human. The Stubborn Optimist Following the persevering example of the

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Books, Movies & TV to Look for in 2017

Now that we’ve finished up with lists of the best books of 2016, it’s time to start thinking about the best books to read in 2017. Spring 2017 Announcements: All Our Coverage Publishers Weekly has us covered with a look at the following categories of books: Art, Architecture, & Photography Business & Economics Comics &

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Even More Best Books of 2016 Lists

Adam Woog’s 10 best mysteries of 2016 Seattle Times book reviewer Adam Woog lists his favorites in one of my favorite literary genres. PW’s Top Authors Pick Their Favorite Books of 2016 A short list compiled by Publishers Weekly. 2016 By the Books: A Month-by-Month Reader’s Guide This list takes a bit of an unusual

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