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The Defiance of Salman Rushdie

“After a near-fatal stabbing—and decades of threats—the novelist speaks about writing as a death-defying act.”

David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker, offers background on Salman Rushdie as well as news about the author’s life since he was attacked at a literary event last August 11.

Category: Author News

8 Books About the History (and Digital Legacy) of the Oregon Trail

Recently I wrote about one of the favorite books I read last year, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin, which invokes the video game The Oregon Trail.

In this short article Alice Nuttall discusses the trail itself and why it “has had a huge impact on pop culture.”

Categories: Literary History, Literature & Culture

Publishing company will offer free Black history e-books, especially in Florida

Haymarket Books, headquartered in Chicago, “will offer free e-books focused on Black history after the College Board revised its Advanced Placement African American studies course earlier this month.”

Categories: Censorship, Ebooks, Literature & Culture, Publishing

How TV took us back to beloved fantasy and sci-fi realms in 2022

Editor’s Note: The past year was filled with uncertainty over politics, the economy and the ongoing pandemic. In the face of big changes, people found themselves longing for a different time. CNN’s series “The Past Is Now” examines how nostalgia manifested in our culture in 2022 — for better or for worse.”

“After a dreary pandemic winter, a summer surge and a deluge of distressing news in between, it felt good to have dragons on TV again,” writes Scottie Andrew in this piece for CNN.

Categories: Literature & Culture, Television

Black history booms as states restrict it

An extended listicle of aspects of the current movement in the U.S. to suppress the discussion and teaching of Black history.

Categories: Censorship, Literature & Culture

25 non-fiction books you can’t miss in 2023

Since my first reading love is fiction, I don’t often cover nonfiction. Here the outlook on new nonfiction books for 2023, across a wide range of topics.

Categories: Book News, Nonfiction

This course teaches how to judge a book by its cover – and its pages, print and other elements of its design

I usually think of books not so much as physical objects but as containers of particular knowledge. This course description opened my eyes.

Categories: Book News, Literary History, Literature & Culture

Kindle’s 15-year anniversary is a reminder simplicity is king

Somehow, I missed posting this article back when it was news (November 2022). It’s still an interesting story, even if it is a little late.

Categories: Ebooks, Reading

What Is Happening in Publishing?

Management shake-ups, strikes, layoffs, demands for better pay and more manageable workloads: there’s lots going on in publishing right now. Jenn Northington fills us in.

Category: Publishing

Green light given for huge British Library extension

“Community-focused £500m scheme will build new galleries, a learning centre, green spaces and a home for the Alan Turing Institute of data science”

From the Guardian comes news of expansion planned for the British Library, a place still on my bucket list. 

Category: Libraries

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