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The Biggest Literary Stories of 2021

Literary Hub has assembled an informative round-up of 2021’s biggest literary stories. They published it in three parts:

The Biggest Literary Stories of the Year: 50 to 31

The Biggest Literary Stories of the Year: 30 to 11

The 10 Biggest Literary Stories of the Year

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Others got in on the “biggest literary events of the year” stories as well.

EW’s guide to the biggest and buzziest books of 2021

From Entertainment Weekly comes this bonus page: It includes not only a “10 best books of the year” list, but other lists of the worst book moments of the year, great performances, trendspotting: office darlings, and (my favorite) “there oughta be an award for …”

2021 in Books: `Everything feels magnified’

The Associated Press weighs in: “Books and authors mattered in 2021, sometimes more than the industry wanted.”

The Top 10 Library Stories of 2021

“PW [Publishers Weekly] looks back at the library stories that captivated the publishing world this year—and what they portend for 2022.”

Cosy crime, cookbooks and a surprise hit: what we’ve really read in the pandemic

Richard Godwin crunches the numbers of bestselling books to discover what people really read during the pandemic. He breaks the pandemic into three separate periods:

  • Lockdown 1, March to June 2020
  • Lockdown 2, November to December 2020
  • Lockdown 3, January 2021 to April 2021

The 10 Most Popular Lit Hub Stories of 2021

Lit Hub says that throughout 2021 its writers have “endeavored to bring you the best in smart, engaged writing about books, from literary criticism to craft essays, from reading lists to deep dives, from up-to-the-minute commentary to ripped-from-the-archives gossip.” The clicks have been counted to produce this list of the most popular stories.

Books that took the publishing world by storm in 2021

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