I’m Signing Up for the 2022 Discussion Challenge!

I usually finish off the year with a plan for next year’s reading that includes my list of challenges, but this year I’m still figuring out how I want to move forward. However, one thing from the past that I want to continue is the annual Discussion Challenge.

Thanks to these two bloggers for sponsoring the 2022 Blog Discussion Challenge:

I’m aiming for a minimum of 12 Discussion posts (that’s one per month).

You can find out more about this challenge at either of the links above, and you can follow along throughout 2022 on Twitter with the hashtag #LetsDiscuss2022.

If this interests you, you can sign up and start participating any time between now and December 28, 2022. Nicole and Shannon are pretty broad-minded in the types of posts they allow, so I look forward to reading about some of your discussion ideas.

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