Book Recommendations: The Books That Changed Your Lives

Book Recommendations: The Books That Changed Your Lives

Here’s an interesting post for readers. Late last week the folks at Lifehacker asked readers to post about the books that have changed their lives. In this post they compile the top vote-getters. (Warning: One commenter said that the summaries give away too many plot points about the books, so read at your own peril.)

For the number of hits the site has, the highest total number of votes (25) seems quite small. Why do you suppose that is? Are most people reluctant to post an answer for some good reason that escapes me? Or have most people simply not had the experience of reading a book that changed their life?

Post answers to this question or your own vote for a life-changing work of literature in the comments below.

(I have a couple of favorite, life-changing books, which you can read about on Notes in the Margin’s FAQ page.)

1 thought on “Book Recommendations: The Books That Changed Your Lives”

  1. books that changed my life:

    are you there god? it’s me, margaret by judy blume

    the bell jar by sylvia plath

    ariel by sp

    bridge to terabethia by katherine patterson

    becoming the parent you want to be by janet someone

    the world according to garp by john irving

    a farewell to arms by ernest hemingway

    a child’s book of poems

    women who run with the wolves

    the girl who loved wild horses

    the biography of eleanor roosevelt

    it’s hard to stop!

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