Baseball action at T-Mobile Park in Seattle, Washington.

Play Ball!

For most of my life, my mother and I could safely talk about two subjects: the weather and baseball. Thanks to my mother’s influence, I grew up a baseball fan. We lived in Connecticut, just about half way between Boston and New York, so the fierce rivalry between the Red Sox and the Yankees runs through my veins.

After 42 years of living in St. Louis and being Cardinal fans, we now live in Tacoma, Washington, and are lucky enough to have two home teams: the Seattle Mariners and their AAA minor-league team, the Tacoma Rainiers. 

Every spring I print out the Mariners’ schedule and put it up on the refrigerator, then count down to Opening Day. It’s finally here! And guess who the Mariners are hosting for their opening homestand. Yep, the Boston Red Sox. I root for both teams.

For everyone (anyone?) who’s as excited as I am, here’s a great list of baseball-related nonfiction reading.

Greek Tragedy in the Bottom of the Ninth: On Baseball’s High Literary Drama

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