A small ocean cruise ship on the water, with green hills and a snow-covered mountain peak in the background.

We’re Off to Sail the Seas Again!

We went traveling between June 8th and July 9th. And now we’re about to leave home again. Normally we wouldn’t be taking major trips this close together, but the current exploration is the last of our postponed then rescheduled trips from the COVID-19 times.

This time we’ll be gone for three months on an itinerary called The Grand Pacific Tour. We sail from Vancouver, British Columbia and eventually end up in Auckland, New Zealand, from where we’ll fly back home to the Seattle area. Some of the time will be spent at sea, where the internet access will be spotty. Between the iffy internet access and the excitement of seeing new places and people, my postings here will be limited.

I will try to catch up when we get home in mid-December. 

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