Remembering Joan Didion

I’ve been unable to stop reading all the articles about Joan Didion that have appeared since the announcement of her death yesterday. 

As a nonfiction writer, I knew her through her perceptive nonfiction pieces. But these articles have made me realize that I need to read her fiction as well.

Joan Didion, ‘Goodbye to All That’ and the struggle to see yourself clearly

From the Los Angeles Times.

 Remembering Joan Didion: 1934-2021

From Lit Hub.

Highlights from our brief encounters with Joan Didion

“As the subject of a story, she could be ‘reticent’ yet forthcoming, as three Washington Post articles reveal.”

Joan Didion, ‘New Journalist’ Who Explored Culture and Chaos, Dies at 87

The obituary in The New York Times.

‘I have to look at flat horizons’: Joan Didion on her apocalyptic California optimism

From the Los Angeles Times.

Joan Didion’s Specific Vision

By Emma Cline for The New Yorker.

Joan Didion’s Hidden Goal—and Mine

By Dale Maharidge for Slate.

Joan Didion

The landing page for the many articles Joan Didion wrote for The New York Review.

Joan Didion, The Art of Fiction No. 71

A 1978 interview with Joan Didion in The Paris Review.

Joan Didion and the Opposite of Magical Thinking

“You didn’t have to agree with her, but you had to submit to her sentences.”

By Zadie Smith in The New Yorker.

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