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Christmas Reading

Top 10 Christmas crime stories

This list is from last year, but I came across it too late to include it in any of my holiday posts back then. So let’s enjoy it this year.

10 December eBook Deals for Quiet Nights by the Fire

December eBook deals from Simon & Schuster.

33 Best Christmas Books to Read Around the Holidays

From Reader’s Digest.

Christmas Novels To Start Reading Now

From Southern Living.

35 Best Christmas Books to Snuggle Up With This Holiday Season

From Oprah Daily.

The Best Holiday Reads, According to BookBub Readers

A Christmas Reading List

This list by The New Yorker is from 2010, but I imagine the selections are still appropriate.

The 30 Best Christmas Books of All Time

And this list is from 2017, but, as with the entry directly above, still related to the season.

15 Christmas Classics

From Penguin Random House.

Listopia > Christmas Book List

From Goodreads.

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