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There’s no denying that the state of the world is reflected in our favorite books of 2013. Among our top 10 are narratives that range from the war on terror to a middle Eastern country in the iron grip of a dictator to hard times much closer to home. In others, history — factual, or not — informs the present. Truth is sought, in a searing true crime story and a controversial investigation, and in two very different but equally mesmerizing debuts, our world is explored in strange, unexpected ways. It’s a cliche to say that no matter what you like to read, we have a book for you. But this year it’s undoubtedly true. We hope you enjoy them — we sure did.

via Best Books of 2013 | Publishers Weekly.

It’s only the first of November, but Publishers Weekly, which has the advantage of advance copies of upcoming releases, has issued its Best Books of 2013 list.

Read their Top 10 list as well as lists for categories, including mystery/thriller, poetry, romance, science fiction/fantasy/horrow, comics, nonfiction, children’s fiction, religion, and lifestyle.

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