More Best Books of 2012 Lists

Here’s quite a variety of new lists of the best books of 2012.

The Whatever Holiday Shopping Guide Returns Next Monday

Author John Scalzi will offer a shopping guide to which you can contribute:

So: Starting Monday, December 3rd, the Whatever Holiday Shopping Guide Returns! If you’re a writer or other creator, this will be an excellent time to promote your work on a site which gets up to 50,000 visitors daily, almost all of whom will be interested in stuff for the holidays. If you’re someone looking to give gifts, you’ll see lots of excellent ideas. And you’ll also have a day to suggest stuff to other folks too. Everybody wins!

Check out this post for his schedule.

Christmas gifts 2012: the best science fiction

And speaking of John Scalzi, here’s the illustration from The [U. K.] Guardian‘s science fiction recommendations:

USS Enterprise
Boldly going: John Scalzi’s novel Redshirts stirs up memories of the original Star Trek. Photograph: Ronald Grant Archive

Christmas gifts 2012: the best sport books

And speaking of The Guardian, here’s its list of best sports books. This page also includes links to the newspaper’s recommendations in other categories.

BookPage Best Books of 2012

BookPage offers a top-50 list: “Though reading choices—and rankings!—are intensely personal, we think our top 50 has something for every reader.”

2012 Books: Slate Staff Picks

The editors, designers, and columnists of online magazine Slate offer choices that include both fiction and nonfiction.

Notable Children’s Books of 2012

The New York Times has suggestions for various ages.

The 100 best books of 2012

An extensive list from the Listener of New Zealand.

Whatcom County librarians select best 2012 books for young readers

From Washington State, USA: “several local librarians who specialize in children’s literature were asked to name their favorite books from 2012 for children at a variety of reading levels.”

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