“Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn

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Flynn, Gillian. Gone Girl (2012)  
Crown Publishing  
Ebook ISBN 0307588386

Highly Recommended

On a July morning in North Carthage, Missouri, Amy Dunne has disappeared. Today is their fifth anniversary, husband Nick tells us. Nick is an unemployed writer who brought his beautiful and brilliant wife from New York City to his home town on the rural banks of the Mississippi River so that he could care for his aging parents. His mother has now died, and his father suffers from dementia. To support himself and Amy, Nick opened a bar with his twin sister, Margo. Amy, an only child, is the daughter of two child psychologists who have made a fortune with their child development books, the Amazing Amy series.

Suspicious circumstances surround Amy’s disappearance, and Nick’s inappropriate reactions and unconvincing accounts to the police soon make him the prime suspect. The arrival of Amy’s parents in North Carthage adds yet another dimension to this tale of family drama. 

It’s impossible to say much more about this book without giving too much away. But trust me, this is one page-turning mystery that will rivet your attention from start to finish. And what a finish. Just as I was beginning to wonder how Gillian Flynn was going to get out of the corner she had painted us into, she delivered an unforeseeable, yet perfectly apt, conclusion. This is one of the best psychological thrillers I’ve read. Now I can’t wait to read Flynn’s two previous novels.

© 2012 by Mary Daniels Brown

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