Are Teen Novels Dark and Depraved — or Saving Lives?

Are Teen Novels Dark and Depraved–Or Saving Lives?

OK, one more article in response to the recent brouhaha over the state of YA (young adult) literature. This one is from Publishers Weekly, and of course you’d expect a publication aimed at the publishing industry to denounce any cries for censorship and to support writers and publishers.

And yes, this is generally another rebuttal of the original Wall Street Journal article that set off this whole flap. But what is interesting in this article is the attention given to young people talking about what YA literature has meant in their lives. Another point of interest is the view by many who know current YA literature that Gurdon seems to lack much detailed knowledge about what’s available now and that her lists of recommended books for boys and girls (itself a sexist discrimination) is woefully outdated.

Finally, I’d like to promise that this piece will be the end of the whole thing. But, alas:

The brouhaha is likely to heat up again soon when, according to Meghan Cox Gurdon, author of the story, the Wall Street Journal will “probably” publish a Part Two.

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