What Oprah has done for books

On this, the final day of Oprah’s long-running network TV show, I have a confession: I have never watched an Oprah show, not even one of her famous book discussions.

But so many other people have watched Oprah’s show that publishers are wondering what their fate will be with the loss of “the Oprah effect,” the astronomical increase in demand for books that Oprah chose. Of the 70 books Oprah has featured over the years, 59 made the top 10 of USA Today’s best seller list, with 22 reaching the No. 1 spot.

Writing in The Christian Science Monitor‘s book blog, Chapter & Verse, Husna Haq sums up the Oprah effect and offers some hope that, in some way, Oprah may continue her interest in books on her new TV network, OWN.

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