Audience Picks: Top 100 ‘Killer Thrillers’

Audience Picks: Top 100 ‘Killer Thrillers’ : NPR:

The results are in!

The NPR audience nominated some 600 novels to our ‘Killer Thrillers’ poll and cast more than 17,000 ballots. The final roster of winners is a diverse one to say the least, ranging in style and period from Dracula to The Da Vinci Code, Presumed Innocent to Pet Sematary. What these top 100 titles share, however, is that all of them are fast-moving tales of suspense and adventure.

And menace. Critic Maureen Corrigan, who served on the advisory panel of experts for this project, was surprised by how dark many of your choices are. ‘Even the [Agatha] Christie pick, And Then There Were None, is one of her creepier novels.’


How many of these have you read? I weigh in at 40.

And no, having seen the movie doesn’t count if you haven’t also read the book.

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