Welcome to the new Notes in the Margin Weblog!

I have just taken a drastic action: I deleted all previous Notes in the Margin Weblog entries in order to install and use WordPress from now on.

It was quite a nostalgic moment for me. My earliest entries were from January 2002. Yes, that’s right–almost six years ago. I’m sure that just as much has happened in your life as has happened in mine since that time.

For me, the biggest change in that time was my return to school full time in September 2005. When I decided to work on my doctorate in psychology, I had to let new postings to my main site, Notes in the Margin, lapse.  There were two reasons for this: (1) I didn’t have time to write book reviews, and (2) I had almost no time for pleasure reading, which meant I didn’t have much to write about anyway. I’m still in school, and my pleasure reading is still limited to audiobooks, which I listen to while driving and while plodding away on the treadmill most afternoons. But I am beginning to see the light at the end of my educational tunnel, and I’m hoping to be able to return to Notes in the Margin in earnest within the next year or so.

I think of this change in the Weblog as the beginning of that process. I hope you’ll continue to look here for news and notes related to all things literary.

Thanks for reading.

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