“Santa Fe Rules” by Stuart Woods

Woods, Stuart. Santa Fe Rules (1992)  
Harper Paperbacks, 332 pages, $5.99 paperback  
ISBN 0 06 109089 1

After leaving his Santa Fe home one morning to travel to his Hollywood home and workplace, film producer Wolf Willett is stunned to read his own obituary in The New York Times. He, his wife, and his best friend and business partner are listed as the victims in a triple homicide committed the previous night at his Santa Fe home. Wolf has no memory of the night of the killings, and the Santa Fe district attorney has him pegged for the murders. With help from big time criminal attorney Ed Eagle, Wolf searches for anything that will clear his name and reveal the real killer.

This is a fast-paced, plot-driven thriller with a credible denouement. Even when plot is primary, however, Stuart Woods usually does not come up short in the character department. In this book he includes one of his interesting minor characters in the person of attorney Ed Eagle.

© 1998 by Mary Daniels Brown

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