“Run Before the Wind” by Stuart Woods

Woods, Stuart. Run Before the Wind (1983)  
rpt. 1988; Avon, 310 pages, $6.50 paperback  
ISBN 0 380 70507 9

In Run Before the Wind Stuart Woods picks up the Lee family from his first novel, Chiefs. Will Lee, the spoiled, restless son of politician Billy Lee and his wife Patricia who is just like Jimmy John Shark, is finishing his second year at the University of Georgia Law School when he lands in a spot of trouble. The dean of the law school thinks that Will is not truly committed to school or the legal profession and sends him off on a year’s leave of absence to discover what he wants to do with his life.

Will heads off to Ireland to visit his grandfather, intending to go on from there to a year of traveling around Europe. But his plans change when he meets Mark and Annie Pemberton-Robinson. Mark, a former officer in the Royal Marines who was severely wounded in Belfast, is now obsessed with building a state-of-the-art yacht. When the reclusive international entrepreneur Derek Thrasher mysteriously appears on the scene and agrees to finance the project, Mark and Annie convince Will to sign on.

Will Lee spends the next year and a half on a voyage of self-discovery that involves financial intrigue, international terrorism, personal loyalty and commitment, love, lust, betrayal, and courage. Run Before the Wind is another page-turner from a master storyteller.

© 1998 by Mary Daniels Brown

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