“Baby, Would I Lie?” by Donald E. Westlake

Westlake, Donald E. Baby, Would I Lie? (1994)  
Mysterious Press 291 pages $19.95  hardcover  
ISBN  0-89296-532-0

Singer Ray Jones has his own theater on traffic-jam strip in Branson, Missouri, new center of country-and-western music.  And Branson traffic is about to become even more congested than usual as reporters from everywhere pour in to cover Ray Jones’s trial for the murder of a former employee.  Among them are Sara Joslyn, girl reporter for New York City’s Trend: The Magazine for the Way We Live This Instant, and her editor, Jack Ingersoll.

Sara is tickled pink to be the only reporter invited to join Ray Jones’s entourage.  While she covers the trial, Jack works on a parallel story about the unethical—not to mention illegal—methods used by the tabloid Weekly Galaxy to get the scoop on the trial. In the end Sara gets even more of a story than she bargained for when she discovers why good ol’ boy Ray singled her out to be a member of his group.

© 1998 by Mary Daniels Brown

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