“Silent Prey” by John Sandford

Sandford, John. Silent Prey (1992)
Berkley Books,  $6.99 paperback  
ISBN 0 425 13756 2 

This book opens with the escape of Michael Bekker on the day the jury begins deliberation at his trial.  Soon bodies with no eyelids start turning up in New York City and scientific journals begin receiving long, scholarly papers from Bekker about his experiments involving the experience of death. 

Davenport, dismissed from the Minneapolis police force at the end of Eyes of Prey, is expanding his business in computer games and simulations when Lily Rothenberg (from Shadow Prey) shows up at his house and asks him to come to New York to help track down Bekker. While helping the NYPD look for Bekker, Davenport is also supposed to help them ferret out what may be a band of renegade cops who are killing, gangland style, criminals who’ve been able to avoid conviction—the so-called Robin Hood killings.

© 1997 by Mary Daniels Brown

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