iPhone 5th anniversary

iPhone 5th anniversary: How I accidentally became an iPhone user | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

iPhone 3GSThis post on The Unofficial Apple Weblog reminds me where I was 5 years ago today: standing in line outside a local AT&T store hoping to be one of the lucky ones to snag one of the store’s allotment of the brand new iPhones. (Fortunately, the temperature 5 years ago was nowhere near the 104 F. expected here today.  And I don’t have a photo of the original iPhone, so the one pictured here is the later, 3GS, model.)

Like this TUAW blogger, I had been a devoted Palm user, although my Palm wasn’t a phone model. I had been wanting a smartphone, but nothing available was exactly the device of my dreams. As soon as I saw the descriptions of the upcoming iPhone, I knew it was what I had been waiting for.

birthday cakeLaugh all you want, but I was excited to be standing in that line.

And then the purchase of that iPhone prompted me to buy a Mac laptop. And the purchase of that laptop initiated our conversion into an all-Apple, all-the-time household.

Happy 5th birthday, iPhone.

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