“Angels Flight” by Michael Connelly

Connelly, Michael. Angels Flight (1999)  
Little, Brown, 393 pages, $25.00 hardcover  
ISBN 0 316 15219 6

Howard Elias, an attorney well known around the LAPD for bringing charges of police brutality, is found murdered in Angels Flight, a small two-car train that travels up and down a hill in Los Angeles. The murder investigation falls to Harry Bosch, even though Angels Flight is not located in his normal beat, because Elias was due to start a trial the following week against some of the regular detectives on this beat. 

Dead with Elias in the Angels Flight car is Catalina Perez. “He [Bosch] studied Catalina Perez the way someone might study a sculpture in a museum. There was no feeling for the object in front of him as human. He was studying details, gaining impressions” (33). However, this picture of the cold, unfeeling detective contrasts with the other, the personal, Bosch, who must continue the murder investigation against the backdrop of the dissolution of his marriage.

© 2001 by Mary Daniels Brown

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