“Night Prey” by John Sandford

Sandford, John. Night Prey (1994)  
Berkley, 400 pages, $6.99 paperback 
ISBN 0 425 14641 3

Back in Minneapolis, Lucas Davenport’s new business producing police training simulation software is making a fortune when Rose Marie Roux, the new police chief, asks Davenport to come back to the force. Roux, who has her eye on an eventual seat in the Senate, needs him to help track down the latest serial killer. So Davenport becomes a deputy chief, an appointed position not subject to the same restrictions that previously cost him his job as a police officer. 

And Lucas is even thinking about marrying Weather Karkinnen:

Lucas had been in love before, but with Weather, it was different. Everything was tilted, a little out of control. He might be overcommitting himself, he thought. On the other hand, there was a passion that he hadn’t experienced before. . . .

And she made him happy… He was in deep. But the idea of one single woman, for the rest of time. . . . (p. 204)

Will this notorious womanizer finally find fidelity and true happiness? Stay tuned.

© 1997 by Mary Daniels Brown

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