“K” is for Killer by Sue Grafton

Grafton, Sue. “K” is for Killer  (1994)
Holt, 285 pages, $22.95 hardcover
ISBN  0-8050-1936-7

Janice Kepler is having trouble coping with her daughter’s death.  She’s joined a support group but finds it little comfort.  One night she leaves the group meeting early and sees a light on in the office of Millhone Investigations. Janice explains to Kinsey Millhone that police have uncovered no motive and no leads in the case since her daughter’s badly decomposed body was found ten months earlier:  “Whoever did this, I want him punished.  I want this laid to rest . . . I’m sick and tired of talk. It gets nowhere.”

So Kinsey begins her investigation into the death—and life—of the beautiful, headstrong, selfish, secretive Lorna Kepler.  In confronting the ghost of the dead Lorna, Kinsey must enter the dark, subterranean worlds of prostitution, pornography, political corruption, graft, greed, and dysfunctional family secrets.

© 1997 by Mary Daniels Brown

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