“Under the Lake” by Stuart Woods

Woods, Stuart. Under the Lake (1987)  
Avon, $6.50  paperback 
ISBN  0 30 70519 2

In this excellent supernatural thriller, John Howell, former newspaper reporter and recipient of the Nobel Prize, is approaching 40.  Having burned out on newspaper work, he is now supposedly working on The Great American Novel;  actually, he spends his days getting drunk and staring at a blank page in his workroom over the garage.  When chicken king Lurton Pitts, intending a run for the Presidency, offers Howell $60,000 to ghost write his autobiography over the next three months, Howell grudgingly accepts.  His brother-in-law Denham White offers him the use of his cabin at a lake in the mountains of northern Georgia.

Once Howell arrives at the cabin on the shores of the man-made lake in Sutherland, Georgia, he begins to have visions of a young girl.  With the help of a female undercover investigative reporter named Scotty, Howell sets out to discover who the young girl in his vision is and why she keeps appearing.  

© 1997 by Mary Daniels Brown

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