The Guild of Book Workers – The National Organization For All The Book Arts

The Guild of Book Workers – The National Organization For All The Book Arts:

“A book worker is one engaged in the hand book arts, which includes “bookbinding, conservation, printing, papermaking, calligraphy, marbling and artist’s books.” The Guild of Book Workers is a century-plus-old American organization that sponsors workshops, lectures, and exhibitions. Their website is a great resource for book workers, or for those interested in viewing and learning about the hand book arts. Visitors unfamiliar with book art should definitely take a look at the “Galleries” link under the “News & Events” section of the site. Some of the themes of the exhibits in the gallery are “Marking Time” and “AbeCeDarium”, which is the alphabet, and a classic theme for the book arts. Visitors will find it enjoyable to see how the same theme can be expressed or interpreted in so many beautiful, moving, or disturbing ways by book artists. The multitude of online galleries on this site is a real treat for those who enjoy the creativity of the book arts.”

>From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2010.

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