Rule, Ann

Introductory Notes

Ann Rule is a former Seattle police officer who is now the preeminent true-crime writer in the United States. Read more about her at Ann Rule's official Web site

Books by Ann Rule

The Want-Ad Killer (1983)

Lust Killer (1983)

Possession (1983)

Beautiful Seattle (1987)

Small Sacrifices (1987)

The I-5 Killer (1988)

If You Really Loved Me (1991)

Everything She Ever Wanted (1992)

A Rose for Her Grave (1993)

You Belong to Me (1994)

Dead by Sunset (1995)

A Fever in the Heart (1996)

In the Name of Love (1998)

Bitter Harvest (1998)

Ann Rule's Omnibus (1998)

And Never Let Her Go (1999)

A Rage to Kill (1999)

The End of the Dream (1999)

The Stranger Beside Me (1980; 20th anniversary ed. 2000)

Every Breath You Take (2001)

Empty Promises (2001)

Without Pity (2003)

Heart Full of Lies (2003)

Last Dance, Last Chance (2003)

Kiss Me, Kill Me (2004)

Green River, Running Red (2004)

Worth More Dead (2005)

Too Late to Say Goodbye (2006)

No Regrets (2006)

Smoke Mirrors and Murder (2007)

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