Paretsky, Sara

Introductory Notes

Born in 1947, Sara Paretsky grew up in Kansas. She moved from Kansas to Chicago in the late 1960s to do community work. She holds a B.A. from the University of Kansas, and an M.B.A. and Ph.D. (history) from the University of Chicago. Before becoming a novelist, she worked as a freelance business writer and marketing manager in an insurance company in Chicago.

For more information:

Paretsky helped to found Sisters in Crime in 1986 and served as the organization’s first president. In addition to writing novels, she has edited several anthologies of crime fiction.

Paretsky and her husband live in Chicago.

Books by Sara Paretsky

V.I. Warshawski novels

  • Indemnity Only (1982)
  • Deadlock (1984)
  • Killing Orders (1985)
  • Bitter Medicine (1987) 
  • Blood Shot (1988) 
  • Burn Marks (1990) 
  • Guardian Angel (1992) 
  • Tunnel Vision (1994)
  • Windy City Blues (1995) 
  • Hard Time (1999)
  • Total Recall (2001)
  • Black List (2003)
  • Fire Sale (2005)
  • Hardball (2009)
  • Body Work (2010)
  • Breakdown (2011)

Other Novels


  • Writing in an Age of Silence (2007)

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