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Val McDermid was born in Scotland, attended Oxford, then spent 14 years as a journalist while nurturing her desire to become a fiction writer. Her first attempt at creative writing failed as a novel but succeeded as a play. Then, “excited by the New Wave of American women crime writers,” she decided to try a crime novel set in the U.K. Report for Murder, her first novel, was published in 1987. She quit her job as a journalist and became a full-time creative writer in 1991.

Books by Val McDermid

(Dates are given for publication in the U. S.)

Kate Brannigan Mysteries

  • Dead Beat (1992) 
  • Kickback (1993) 
  • Crack Down (1994) 
  • Clean Break (1995) 
  • Blue Genes (1996) 
  • Star Struck (1998)

Lindsay Gordon Mysteries

  • Report for Murder (1987) 
  • Common Murder (1989) 
  • Final Edition (1991) [U.S. title--Open and Shut
  • Union Jack (1993)
  • Booked for Murder (1996)
  • Hostage to Murder (2005)

Tony Hill/Carol Jordan Series

Non-Series Books

  • The Writing on the Wall (1997)
  • A Place of Execution (1999)
  • Killing the Shadows (2000)
  • The Distant Echo (2003)
  • Stranded (2005)
  • The Grave Tattoo (2006)
  • A Darker Domain (2009)
  • Trick of the Dark (2011)


  • A Suitable Job for a Woman (1995)

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