Lehane, Dennis

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Dennis Lehane was born August 4, 1965, in Dorchester, MA. He has a bachelor’s degree from Eckerd College (1988) and an M.F.A. from Florida International University (1993). Before becoming a full-time writer he worked as a counselor for emotionally disturbed children. He was an English instructor at Florida International University in Miami from 1991 to 1993. In addition to novels, he has also written for television and film. 

Books by Dennis Lehane

    A Drink before the War, 1994

    Darkness, Take My Hand, 1996

    Sacred, 1997

    Gone, Baby, Gone, 1998

    Prayers for Rain, 1999

    Mystic River, 2001  Highly Recommended

    Shutter Island, 2003.

    Coronado: Stories,  2006

    The Given Day, 2008

    Moonlight Mile, 2010

The following works by Lehane have been made into films:

    Mystic River (2003)

    Until Gwen (short story) (2007)

    Gone, Baby, Gone (2007)

    Shutter Island (2010)

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